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Solar installation training can expand HVAC or electric contractor businesses with new revenue streams.

Turn a lackluster contracting business into a far more profitable one by quickly and easily becoming a licensed installer of photovoltaic (PV) electric systems. As a licensed electrician or HVAC expert, you already have the basic skills and tools required to do PV installations. The rest is mastery of the solar electric specifics: solar design and best practice solar system siting, calculating PV system sizing based on past and future usage, choosing the most efficient and cost effective PV module and inverter combination for each client, and appropriate racking and balance of system installation.

Solar Seminars is the educational arm of Bland Solar and Air, a very successful PV and HVAC company. We began teaching different renewable energy technologies in the 1980s: solar and ground source heat systems. HVAC distributors saw our success with photovoltaics and asked us to show their other dealers how to expand their existing HVAC businesses into solar electric sales and installations. Since 2007, we’ve trained over 850 HVAC dealers in solar photovoltaics.

We know this business, and we know you can be profitable.

We include an intensive day on PV sales. Photovoltaic sales is perhaps the single most important skill we teach. We can show you how to sell successfully, just by having the knowledge needed to answer clients questions and by delivering a PV sales presentation chock-full of facts. We dont teach hard sales; we just give you all the PV sales tools you need to be clear, honest, and factual  the incentives, rebates, and returns on investment will speak for themselves to your clients.

All classes are taught by working professionals who bring real-world photovoltaics experience into the classroom. Two days are hands on with constructing PV systems; one day focuses on PV sales. Students will also receive our textbook Practical PV for further study.

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  • Why Solar?
  • Pros and cons of joining the field right now
  • Product knowledge
  • PV and thermal systems
  • Traditional and micro inverters


  • Calculating electrical consumption and system sizing
  • Site Evaluation: limitations, obstacles, design constraints
  • System Design: array sizing, actual vs projected loads
  • Inverter location, conduit runs, grid tie options
  • Hands on demonstrations with Solar Pathfinder equipment to determine azimuth, tilt, array / location capacity
  • Hands on demonstrations of different roof installations (tile and composite shingles), ground mounts, rail configurations, string sizing, module attachment, etc.


  • Required licensing
  • Interconnection Standards
  • Inverter location, conduit runs, grid tie options
  • What building and electrical inspectors are looking for


  • State of the art software to calculate ROI, including
  • Rebates
  • Tax Incentives
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Renewables Portfolio Standards


  • Staff re-classification for solar jobs


  • Logical steps to increase your presence
  • Solar Sales: how to present and close professionally


  • 3 days of instruction, combining lectures and hands on learning activities
  • a PV expert to student ratio of 1 : 10 - with extra technicians added per 10 students to ensure each student gets personal time and hands on experience in the installations
  • use of Solar Pathfinder equipment, PV panels, different roof and mounting systems
  • our textbook, Practical PV


Bakersfield, CA classroom: $1195

Classes elsewhere in the US - please email for pricing.

Seminar participants will receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment: HVAC to PV Installations." The course will prepare you for state solar certificate exams, like California's C46. This course will not qualify, however, for the NABCEP entry level PV installer exam, as a minimum of 40 hours training is required for that preparation.

This seminar is designed for people who want to expand their existing HVAC or electrical sales, or who already work for larger companies and need training in PV electric systems design, installation, and sales. The course work is for those who work in HVAC or electrical installations daily. We assume you to have competency in electric theory and safety.

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